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Frequently Asked Questions
At IPR we wish to extend our knowledge for the benefit of society. We are all professionals & think that we as a human being must payback/give back something to the society against the support/benefits we have received from the society. For this purpose we have decided to use our knowledge/ skill/ experience for the society thru charitable mode i.e. NO PROFIT ORGANISATION mode. For such charitable purpose we have founded a Public Charitable Trust named as “Institute of Professional Research-IPR”
      Then while deciding the nature of our NGO we had concluded that “Scientific Research” is the requirement of current period. Because social problems are huge & Government is also trying to solve the problems but there are limits to such efforts for want of perfect solution established thru scientific research. This can be judged from the surrounding facts that today info on any subject / topic under the sky is available easily whether it is from Internet & ‘N’ number of websites, Books, Periodicals, Magazines or from personal Blogs on internet etc..The penetration of internet is deep as well as wide. Hence it becomes prime source of info. But mere availability of info data can not give you perfect base for any decision making. For this purpose there should be systematic approach towards the utilization of such data. It means the data should be collected arranged in scientific manner & then it should be analyzed in proper way. At the same time mere collection of data is not of use so to get perfection in analysis we must have to adopt scientific methods to judge the various facts & figures also form scattered fields/ elements. This requires a lot of efforts & skill i.e. professional approach should be there with analytical mindset. Hence we have decided to float an NGO which is dedicated to “ Scientific Research” Hence IPR has been founded.
Who can join I.P.R. ?
IPR membership is open to all individuals, corporate bodies, societies, research centers, think tanks and non-governmental organizations that deal with Research for National & International development - regardless of academic discipline & as long as it has a research unit and is focused on development issues.
How can I join IPR ? What does membership entail?
In order to join IPR , simply contact our office. You will have to pay membership fee & fill in a membership Form. If you do not wish to become a full member, you can subscribe to the newsletter [to be issued in future] by sending an e-mail to the IPR secretariat . If you are interested in joining, the Secretariat will review your application and confirm your contact details. Please fill in the membership form in full, providing your research interests and expertise areas will help us better match our projects/members.
What does it mean in practice to be a IPR member?
It is up to you to determine to what extent you want to be involved in the IPR . Membership offers the following benefits:
Receive a newsletter featuring the latest development news and information
See who is a IPR  member in your country or at your institution
Link with IPR staff:
Receive invitation to conferences and seminars on development
Share research with other members via newsletter and website, or direct targeted dissemination
Join a working group in your area of interest and learn from fellow researchers
Participate in consultations and have a say in appropriate projects.
I am a student – can I join?
Yes, IPR welcomes students and junior researchers, especially at the graduate and PhD level in development economics and social sciences. If you are looking for a research topic in development, please consult the Issues Briefs. We also encourage students to take up project idea with IPR as their object of research and get involved in the paper. The decision of the IPR inthis regard will be final & binding on the students.
How can I get involved in IPR's activities?
The Steering Committee and the Secretariat welcomes suggestions from members who would like to be involved in any of the existing projects, as well as proposals for new activities. Tell us what you would like to do under IPR and we will see how we can help!
How can I get in touch with other members?
In order to protect the privacy of IPR members, we do not display their names or contact details online. If you wish to contact a researcher from a particular institution or country, please get in touch with the IPR Office.
Can IPR fund projects of its members?
IPR has very limited core funding, which means that it raises funds for each of its projects separately, from a variety of bilateral and multilateral donors. IPR does not have the means of funding a project of one of its members, unless the project is endorsed by IPR as an institution and is part of its work plan. However, IPR is a powerful vehicle for fund-raising for researchers. If you have a good idea for a, national / international research program, conference or any other activity with focus on development, please contact the IPR and tell us more about it!
What kind of projects does IPR endorse?
IPR is a Research Organization. A IPR project would have the following characteristics:
International scope (topic, task team, impact)
Multidisciplinary, bringing together different stakeholders and different types of institutions
Dissemination of research: to experts in a given area and to mass audiences
I have another question...
Please don’t hesitate to contact the IPR office!
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